R.I.P. Italian Kitchen — 3 Comments

  1. I want that recipe. I’ll never make it because it’s too fattening—but I want it.
    Nice blog, Nicola. Made me think of the Italian neighborhoods in the Bronx where ai grew up. They knew how to make the BEST pizza.

    • Just hand drying the basil and thyme would be too much work for me. But one interesting thing of the recipe, they crushed the tomatoes by hand but never cooked them before putting on the dough.

  2. Used to work there over 20 years ago. It was easy drying stuff as the kitchen was easily 120 degrees in the summer (no AC back there). As far as the tomatoes, sometimes they were fresh, sometimes out of a can, always tomato paste. Fresh baked bread every day, awesome pizzas coming out of that monster oven slapped out on a pan similar to Bottoms Up. It was a good time.

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