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A New Exploration for 2017!

Blog is out, Whims are in. This year I want to introduce you to my new Whims page: Word Hawk.

Words, language, human communication. I won’t give you a history lesson. We’ve all heard about the cave painting in Lascaux, France, and more recently, Chauvet. But from a relatively simple vocabulary, language has flourished and is always germinating with old roots and new stems.

As a writer I love words. Some make me wonder, some make me laugh, and some make me repeat them aloud just to hear the sound they make.
I’m fascinated by the history of a word; when it came into being and from whence it was born. These are the aspects I plan to explore in this blog. I want to share my passion with you and hopefully, interest you in words and meanings.

(HOPEFULLY— a word that purists have tried to block from the English language for many, many years, but wide public use finally won out and as of the early 1930s the word became standard English, appearing in dictionaries.)

Another goal of this blog is to create a dialog. If you have words you’ve heard, or are curious about, or love, please share them below. I may use it in a future post.

Look for my first word, Jan 8th.

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San Rafael Sizzle

San Rafael Sizzle

Latest release!
After The Belvedere Club and Bolinas Bongo, Brian Kaleigh is back in a new mystery, San Rafael Sizzle.

Journalist Briana Kaleigh’s ex has tracked her to Marin County, California hoping to rekindle their marriage. But Briana has set her sights on smoking hot sheriff’s detective, Dusty Arkansas.
When the body of a leading stem cell researcher is discovered beside a cooler of iced placentas, Briana is the first journalist on the scene. She and Dusty team up to work the evidence. Until Briana’s ex is arrested for the murder.
Now, Briana must work against Dusty and the authorities to prove her ex is innocent. Torrid emotions and her ex’s stubborn silence don’t help. Add in her high-strung poodle and her task is almost impossible. Thank heavens for Doggy Daycare.
When a fire destroys the researcher’s lab and all the lab employees disappear, finding the truth is crucial. A sinister killer is taking aim again and Briana could be his next target.

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You can get Bolinas Bongo as an eBook or Paperback below.

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The Language of Love

The Language of Love

For most, the mere mention of Paris conjures up images of sensual pleasures—the City of Lights, the City of Love, the City of Haute Cuisine. On my first trip to the hedonistic capital, I sampled the lot; illuminated cityscapes from the deck of a Bateaux Mouches, snuggles with a French coworker, and oh, yes, the food. Lemon macaroons from Dalloyau, buttery croissants from the boulangerie, crispy roasted chicken from Le Suffren, Gratin Dauphinois from Chez Lipp, and profiteroles, my personal favorite, from La Coupole.

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