Are You Irish? — 6 Comments

    • Hey Linda,
      Actually Nicola is a Latin derivative of Nike meaning vanquisher. Trwst is Gaelic. The website you noted looked interesting until every name I searched had a Swedish origin, even Mary. I guess it uses cultural meanings, which you can see if you check Mary. There is a meaning in every different culture. Still a good website. Thanks. I’ve bookmarked it.

      • Thanks for your comments Nicola.
        I am big fan of this website because I fond of helping parents to provide names and meaning. helped me to help others.

        I appreciate your deep understanding of name meanings.

        Keep in touch by comments.

        • Hey Linda,
          I like BabyNamesCube website also. A lot of writers use it for finding character names. It’s good because of the different background searches.

  1. How do you pronounce Trwst? I can’t quite wrap my tongue around it. Thanks!BTW, enjoyed reading Bolinas Bongo, I used to live in Lagunitas.

    • Trwst is pronounced like “Troost”. Glad you liked Bolinas Bongo. San Rafael Sizzle is supposed to be release end of Jan. I like Lagunitas. I’ve thought of moving out there to be closer to the water.

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