5 Things You Need to Know About Poodles — 2 Comments

  1. I enjoyed your bit on Poodles, but it made me wonder just how smart is a Mutt? I imagine someone somewhere has done the actual research to make the claim for Border Collies and Poodles being smart, but how do we not know that the average mutt is not smarter?

    I have a husky/pointer mutt named River Dog, who has learned to put his toys back in his toy basket when bored with them. Ah, nice work! I didn’t even suggest that River do this marvelous thing. He just observed my repeat actions of putting the toys away and decided that that is what he should do with them too. What a smart doggie!

    • No Comment. River Dog is smart! And cute! It does make you wonder is there a laboratory out there somewhere where the scientist is now saying ok, bring in the terriers now.

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