Nicola Trwst Author Writer“I’m a writer who can’t spell. I’m haunted like Poe. Romantic like Austen. Conflicted like Dostoyevsky. And snarky like Sterne.”

I was born with a gypsy heart in Richmond Virginia. After many false starts at different universities, I graduated from VCU with a BFA. From there I moved to Atlanta to perfect my southern accent. Three years later I moved to California to lose the accent. Working as a computer graphics artist, I spent the next three years on an airplane traveling between Seattle, Denver, and LA, but the Eiffel Tower was calling; it sounded like an accordion.

I flew to France and set up shop. In Paris I began to write, first as a means of expressing myself (did I mention I didn’t speak French) and later as a means of entertaining myself. There I met a Frenchie, had a mini-me, and learned the language of Love. But the winds of change were blowing.

Frenchie wanted an adventure and mini-me wanted to learn to ski so we bought coats and long underwear and moved to Montreal. Montreal is the home of the nicest people in the world. In need of a shot of kindness—go to Montreal. But alas, we started to wonder what our lives would be like without snow tires so once again we packed up and moved to California, the part that still has water.

Mini-me has continued the migration south to Brazil, but Frenchie and I are settled in…for now. We watch Home Hunters International and dream of what could be our next chapter.

So whether it’s my gypsy heart or ADD I’m an eclectic reader and writer. As soon as I finish a story in one genre I’m off to another. I’m told this isn’t the best way to create a writing career, but it sure is fun.