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New Year’s Resolutions


Another New Year is upon us as we gear up for the monumental changes we plan to make in the months ahead. Have you made your resolutions yet? Or is your list secret and hidden in the recesses of your mind? Are you one who says, “I don’t make resolutions,” yet sets out for a jog on Jan 1 to burn off holiday food when you’ve never jogged before? Or maybe you’ve bought a journal with a lock and key to write down your deepest, darkest thoughts in an effort to gain more control over your life.

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Bolinas Bongo

Bolinas Bongo

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Bolinas Bongo is the second novel in the Briana Kaleigh Mystery series after The Belvedere Club.

Journalist Briana Kaleigh rips off her East Coast shackles and moves across the country to Marin County, California. She hopes her ride-alongs with sheriff’s detective Dusty Arkansas will get her back on the crime desk of a major newspaper. While chasing a lead about a shark attack in Bolinas, a sleepy coastal town that shuns tourists, she discovers a mutilated body.

The dead man is part of a large-scale murder investigation with a juicy news story attached: a serial killer who hacks off the cojones of his male victims. Briana can’t resist. This story could launch her West Coast career. She sees her byline in flashing neon.

But Detective Arkansas won’t let her near the case because she’s a witness. When she starts sniffing out the details of the case behind his back, Dusty turns up missing.

Now, while hiding from the authorities, Briana and her high-strung poodle must ferret out the killer before he starts snipping off parts of Dusty.

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You can get Bolinas Bongo as an eBook or Paperback below.

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The Language of Love

The Language of Love

For most, the mere mention of Paris conjures up images of sensual pleasures—the City of Lights, the City of Love, the City of Haute Cuisine. On my first trip to the hedonistic capital, I sampled the lot; illuminated cityscapes from the deck of a Bateaux Mouches, snuggles with a French coworker, and oh, yes, the food. Lemon macaroons from Dalloyau, buttery croissants from the boulangerie, crispy roasted chicken from Le Suffren, Gratin Dauphinois from Chez Lipp, and profiteroles, my personal favorite, from La Coupole.

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